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momofuku noodle bar

I LOVE RAMEN. My love of this noodle hasn't received its own proper post yet but let me say that I'm very very happy with the recent surge of ramen shops that have popped up in NYC over the past few years. Sobaya put soba on the map back in the late nineties and every Japanese restaurant in town serves a bowl of nabeyaki udon. There were maybe a couple good ramen shops downtown but it wasn't until David Chang broke ground on his original Momofuku in 2004, that the ramen craze began. Since the explosion, ramen shops have been popping up all over NYC; I know of three dedicated ramen shops in Park Slope alone and one just opened in Carroll Gardens: Dassara Brooklyn Ramen.

Our friend, Lee, goes to Momofuku Noodle Bar frequently enough that some of the staff know him by name ("Norm!"). We met him there for lunch and he had the fried oyster buns sent out. It's not something that I'd normally order (Momofuku's known for its pork buns) but I'm glad he did. The crunchiness of the fried oyster coupled with the thinly sliced cucumbers offsets the pillowy steamed bun; the sweet and acidic shmear of hoisin sauce sends the dish into a deeper, happy place.

Mr. Mari ordered a bowl of Momofuku ramen (tippy top image) with pork belly and pork shoulder, Lee: the corn ramen lunch special (middle), and me: spicy miso ramen (bottom) with smoked chicken and swiss chard. I could wax on for a long time but you just need to get yourself down there to taste the broth. The noodles are good but the broth is ridiculous. I don't know what he puts in there or how long he cooks it but man, it's worth the trip to the East Village and the wait for a seat just for a slurp.

And Momofuku's range doesn't end with just savory treats. They are known for bringing comfort desserts to a whole new level. Remember back when you were a kid and ate sugary cereal for breakfast - if not at your home at your friend's for a sleepover breakfast? You'd get to the bottom of the bowl and the milk would no longer be white but maybe a strawberry pink or chocolatey brown shade? Yeah, put that milk in a soft serve machine and you know what's next? That's right: cereal flavored soft serve ice cream. Genious. And it was right there in front of us the whole time. The flavor above was cantaloupe. Refreshing and delicious. The perfect way to cap a perfect lunch. 

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