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Night + Market & Ordering with Knowledgeable Friends

Mr. Mari tells me this story of when he used to go out to eat in NYC with his sister and brother-in-law for Indian food. He would always tell them to order because “they always ordered well” but he admitted that it was also because he didn’t know what anything was called. It wasn’t until years later when he and I would go out for Indian food that he slowly started learning the vernacular and discovered the things he really enjoys eating.

Two of our good friends happen to be of Thai and Korean descent so whenever we go out for Thai or Korean food, I usually defer to them to order for me, as many of my friends keep their menus closed in a Japanese restaurant around me. We typically never cycle back to what things are called since we’re having a good time in one another’s company - and eating! This would be the case for Night + Market.

Night + Market is a Thai restaurant that started as a pop-up. It garnered such a following that a permanent home was found inside another Thai restaurant, Talesai. What did we eat? I’m not sure other than it was very tasty and very spicy! Perhaps one day, I too will venture out and order for myself but for now, I’m happy for the crutch and the company. 

(Images, from the top, I think! Koi Wua: Prime Angus tenderloin, HOT chiles, herbs; Moo Sadoong: "startled pig" grilled pork, Thai basil, lemongrass, fish sauce, lime juice, bird eye chile; Pork Satay Skewers: coated in sweetened condensed milk; Beef Grapow: ground beef with chile, garlic, Thai basil and topped with a fried egg; Pad Pak Kanaa: Chinese broccoli sautéed in garlic and chiles; Kao Pad Pu: crab fried rice; Kao Kluk Gapi: shrimp paste-seasoned rice with candied pork, shredded egg omelette, red onion, green mango, cilantro and bird eye chile; Pad Kee Mao: drunken noodles with short ribs - flat noodles, chile, basil and garlic)

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