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Zojiroshi Electric Hot Water Kettle

Growing up, we had one of these traditional Revere hot water kettles: stainless body, copper bottom and black plastic handle with a whistling trigger. You’d fill the water through the spout. Pretty basic but wait...

Being Japanese, we also had a hot water thermos. Ehh? Yup. Once you boiled your water, you’d store it in an air pot thermos so you’d have hot water any time you wanted it - no waiting! The British have their electric hot water kettles but since most of them don’t have insulation, you have to heat the water each time. What a drag when all you want is a pot or a cuppa ASAP.

When we lived in NYC, we had a hot and cold water dispenser. Brilliant! At a flick of a lever, we had either piping hot or cold filtered water. We had no need for any of those antiquated boiling and storage devices that take up room on the counter. Unfortunately, our new West Hollywood rental doesn't have one those wonderful built in dispensers. Darn! What to do? Well, it was either go my childhood route or get the present day equivelant. Enter: The Zojiroshi Water Boiler. It’s a hybrid hot water kettle and thermos in one. It heats the water up to boiling and it stays hot due to the vacuum insulation, requiring minimal electricity to maintain the temperature. Love. We got the 4-liter one so with a push of a button (actually two for safety reasons), we have hot water all day long to make tea for me and French press coffee for Mr. Mari. See, Mom and Dad, I did learn something growing up.

(Images, from the top! Revere kettle via Amazon; Everest Air Pot via Etsy; Zojiroshi Water Kettle via Amazon)

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