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A Neighborly Gift of Kindness

We received an email today from some acquaintances saying that they managed to get some avocados off of their tree before the squirrels and birds got to them and that they’d be dropping a bag off at our back door. This little gesture reminds me of a story…

When I was a little kid, our neighbor, Mr. Kopek was retired and gardened all the time. He had a vegetable garden on his yard, I don’t know, maybe 20 x 30 feet? He started growing stuff on the hill up past his yard too since I’m sure Mrs. Kopek wanted some grass to surround the above ground pool that took up the remaining space on their backyard. He’d be out there weeding, hoeing, watering all the time. Almost every other day during July, August and midway through September he’d leave us presents on our back porch. There would be HUGE zucchinis, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes that were so gloriously ripe and juicy, eggplants, string beans, corn, and sometimes we’d get a watermelon.

I don’t think these friends of ours know how happy this simple gesture has made me. Their little act of kindness was just so sweet. It made me feel like a kid again remembering Mr. Kopek’s little acts of kindness on a hot summer’s night. Freshly grown produce is great but freshly grown produce from someone you know, tastes that much better.  

Happy Friday, Everyone. See you back here on Monday!

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