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Tip: Professional-izing a Homemade Cake

When gifting a homemade cake, there are a couple things you can do to make it look a little more professional…

Forget the lacy doily and use a metallic cake board instead. Cake boards are clean looking, sturdy and a little dressy. The gold or silver edge that peeks out from under your cake adds just a touch of sparkle - dressing up your cake without taking away from your masterpiece. You'll need to scratch up the surface of the gold paper so the cardboard you have under your cake has something to adhere to when glued. The gold surface is too slickery to just place the cake on top. The last thing you want is for your beautifully decorated cake to get its frosting smushed to the side of the cake box if it's tilted. Disaster! Squirt some Elmer’s Glue onto the gold, keeping away from the edge and place your cake on top. Traditionally, one would have about 1/2 to 1-inch border all around the cake but I like that there's only a little peeking out from under this cake. 

Like what baseboards do for drywall and floors, adding a little ribbon trim (or piped icing) does for cake and board: it hides the gap. Pick a color that compliments your cake and gently press it to the sides. If your cake is covered in buttercream, the ribbon will stick really well but if you use satin ribbon, it will wet the ribbon so be sure to adhere the ribbon completely.

Lastly, put your awesome cake in a bakery box. Let them wait for the reveal! 

Easy peasy "professional".

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