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Bartending School and the Task of Memorizing

For the past month, I’ve been taking a course at the National Bartenders Bartending School to learn, that’s right - how to be a bartender. We not only learn how to make over 150 drinks (from a Dry Manhattan to a Woo Woo) but we also learn drink terminology; different liquor categories, their origins, flavors and production methods; some trivia alongside some dram (liquor) laws; and bartending etiquette. In the end, to be certified, there is a 100 question written exam you have to pass before being allowed to take the examiner’s choice of ‘make twelve drinks in seven minutes’ practical exam.

On the plus side, I’m already familiar with a lot of different brands of alcohol, their categories, flavors and origin (ex: Kirin: beer, Japan; Ciroc: vodka, France, distilled 5 times) and have been able to make some combination of drinks in less than seven minutes. On the down side, other than having to take my drivers’ test last month, the last time I had to memorize anything for an exam was probably when I took art history at Parsons, twenty years ago. Yeah, you can say my memorization skills are a little lot rusty. 

The course itself only lasted two weeks but I've been studying and practicing for the past two weeks almost daily. So today, I’m attempting the written exam. If I pass, I’ll take the practical too. Fingers crossed - I’ll let you know the outcome next week. ‘Til then, with a fried brain and butterflies in my stomach, I wish you a Happy Weekend! 

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