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Avocado As A Quickie Snack

Sometimes when Mr. Mari and I are looking for a really quick snack, one that requires very little brainpower, we look to our counter for a ripe avocado. Since avocados have a lot of fat (good fats but fats nonetheless) we split one fifty-fifty. 

Instead of peeling, slicing and arranging it on a plate (who’s got time for that?), pour a little salad dressing into its built-in well and boom, snack away. For something light and easy, a squirt of lemon juice and a little coarse salt. Yum. For this I used some ginger dressing but sometimes I’ll just use soy sauce and sprinkle on a few sesame seeds to give it a veggie California roll vibe. Add a little yogurt and some chopped nuts and it’ll be like a chilled avocado “soup”. Or add some salsa to the well and scoop with tortilla chips or crumble some chips on top. I certainly don’t have time to break out a molcajete mid-afternoon, do you?

Note: If you only need one half, just store the remaining half with the pit intact. Cover with plastic wrap and press the film against the flesh. It should stay green for a day.

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