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Tisane Options

Tisanes, as many of you know, are not really teas. They are herbal, non-caffeinated beverages, like peppermint, chamomile, ginseng, hibiscus, etc. They were and are often used medicinally but I’m guessing it was also a good way to use up excess herbs from the garden or to "harvest" a different part of a plant. With that thinking, an olive leaf tisane shouldn’t be so weird, right?

I'm thinking a salad would sound good with that tea.

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The Hart + The Hunter

One of the great things about NYC is if you drink (alcohol), it doesn’t matter which sobriety level you’re on when you’re heading home because chances are you’re probably walking, subwaying, or cabbing. Now that we live in a driving town (there's no bottle of wine to share between us and taxis are expensive!), finding places nearby that we can walk to is that much more important.

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Spring Has Sprung

I know New York has been pummeled with snow and cold so here's some spring bloomings I've spotted on my walks around the neighborhood. Hold tight, New York - spring will be here soon! Sending warm thoughts your way. Happy weekend and see you back here on Monday!

(This post's for you, AM.)


Laurel Hardware

After Mr. Mari and I found our new home in West Hollywood, we walked around our new neighborhood to get a sense for what was in store for us. Unlike New York, the way shops are laid out in Los Angeles seems completely random to me. What do an optometrist, pet hospital, tanning salon, and candle shop share in common with a moderately priced, stylish restaurant? Oh, just a city block.

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La Casita Mexicana

One of the things Mr. Mari bemoaned while we were living in New York was the Mexican food. ‘It’s not good here!’ he’d exclaim. Now that we live in LA, Mr. Mari isn't complaining at all.

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Fab Café: Fab-ulous and Fab-ricating

Fab Café is so awesomely Japanese. It’s a standard café - you can buy coffee, lattes, muffins, marshmallow lattes, etc - but what it also offers is time on their laser cutter to laser cut a custom design in paper, wood, felt, etc. Anything flat and not super dense. Just bring an Illustrator vector file and you’re good to go! Super cutting edge, ehh? (Get it? Cutting edge? Never mind.)

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Sparky, A Dragon Pizza Oven

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Mari and I drove to Watts, CA for an impromptu TEDActive Ron Finley gardening event. As we drove towards our meeting spot on 107th Street, we could see at the end of the block, there was a dragon. And it was snorting smoke. Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

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Risa Hirai - An Inspirational (Cookie) Artist

I’ve decorated a few cookies over the years but none that look like these. Holy moly are these amazing. These cookies - scratch that - these works of art, were just on display at Gallery Tokyo Humanité. They were baked and decorated by Risa Hirai, age 23, a senior at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. She likes juxtaposing Japanese motifs on a Western canvas and sometimes gives these cookies away as gifts to her friends. Even the grass is edible! My take away, how do I become friends with her and man do I have to bone up on my decorating skills.

Thanks for the news bite, Aimée! Happy Friday everyone! See you back here on Monday!

(Photos via Gallery Tokyo Humanité)

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