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ted cookie drop: movember part i - macaroon mustaches

movember ted coconut macaroon mustache cookieLast month when I stopped by TED HQ with some Halloween inspired cookies, a couple people asked if I would participate in TED's Movember fund raising initiative. Sure, I said! The basic idea behind Movember is starting November 1st, men will be clean-shaven and they'll grow mustaches for the entire month of November. The purpose of the month-long facial hair statement is to "raise vital awareness and funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives." Some of the guys in the office are growing mustaches but since not everyone can grow one, I thought maybe they'd buy one!

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ted cookie drop: Halloween part iii

(This post is the last installment of a three part series. To read the first post, click here.)

Two of the three cookies for the TED cookie drop were both crisp and chocolate free (gasp!) so the third cookie had to be chewy, have some chocolate bits and still needed to fit the Halloween theme. Hmm, a conundrum. Thumbing through my current cookie bible, Martha Stewart's Cookies, I saw it: a coconut macaroon with chocolate chunks. Perfect - except that having chocolate chunks on the outside isn't particularly spooky and has nothing to do with Halloween. Hmm, but what if I made a center core of coconut/chocolate bits, covered it with a plain macaroon mixture and then stuck some chocolate chips in for eyes? Oh, yeah.

I can't say it was the fastest endeavor or super easy (the eyes kept sticking to my fingers and not the coconut) but the results were worth the extra effort. If you want to omit the chocolate chip core and just make plain macaroons with chocolate eyes, that would probably save you some time but then there's no chocolate chip core so where's the fun in that?

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ted cookie drop: Halloween part ii

(This post is the second installment of a three part series. To read the first post, click here.)

Mr. Mari took this picture at TED HQ to show me what was left at the end of the day: Two. Lone. Bones. I guess the cookie drop went over well. 

As you might imagine, making and decorating over 75 sugar cookies takes a bit of time. Needing something that was quicker than that as part of my non-scheduled yet self-imposed drop, I made meringue cookies. They're super easy to make - but the key to making meringue is as the Beastie Boys say, "Slow and low, that is the tempo". And a dry day.

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ted cookie drop: Halloween part i

ghost sugar cookies meringue bonesIt had been a couple months since I stopped by TED HQ with cookies. Since Halloween was around the corner, it seemed like a Halloween inspired assortment was the thing to do: Ghost sugar cookies, cinnamon & coffee flavored meringue bones and chocolate chip macaroon owls. It was a spooky sweet assortment of treats, minus any tricks.

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TED cookie drop: part 1

(From left to right: semi- & bitter-sweet chocolate chip, strawberry jam thumbprint - although that's a total misnomer, chocolate crackles, butter cookie with chocolate ganache)

I've been fortunate enough to attend the TED Conference in Long Beach, CA a few times and when I had my brownie company, we were sponsors - appearing as sustenance in the Google Café for the attendees as well as in the TED swag bag, as a treat for later. I've always been thankful for their support of my business and of me, so in return, I like stopping by their headquarters in New York with treats for them. It had been some time since my last visit, so I made a few (20+ dozen) cookies for the team. 

The chocolate crinkle cookie recipe was eagerly requested by one of the happy faces I know: Logan, and her compadre, Sam. I guess they think it's an idea, umm, I mean a recipe, worth spreading.

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peach, plum & blueberry pie

Pie. I don't know anyone who doesn't like pie. Especially pie made with peak-season fruit, fresh from the farmers market. Last week, I made two: one with peaches, plums and blueberries; the other was with peaches and blueberries. Happy belly? You betcha.

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tomato pie

Last night, our friends Ana Maria & Rives came over for dinner. We inaugurated the grill Mr. Mari won (that's another story to be told later) with baby back ribs, sausage and corn. But before digging into those mesquite-smoked yummies, we had tomato pie. I guess it hit all the notes Ana Maria loves since I was told mid-mouthful that I needed to put this recipe up SOON.

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braided cinnamon flowers

I saw this image on Pinterest and thought "I NEED to make this". Seriously, NEED. It just looked amazing with its layers blossomed, open to the world instead of tightly wound up into those traditionally shaped spirals. I read the recipe and, as usual, checked at least 5 other recipes before making the dough/wreath. I made a bunch of different sized ones as experiments but I think the recipe works best when you just make one giant one (12 "petals") or two wreaths (each one makes 6 "petals") - or as I'd like to call them - flowers.

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