hi there!

I’m Mari.
On Marivelous Me! you’ll find recipes, food gifts, food I’ve traveled for and food solutions. Poke around, maybe you’ll find inspiration for something you’re working on. Enjoy! 



Hi, I'm Mari. I'm a product designer, a baker and perpetually have food on the brain. I hatched Marivelous Me! in 2012 to share my love of food: creating, baking, packing and eating it as well as travelling near and far to eat other people's creations. 

In my past life (pre-blogging) I've designed products, ranging from toothbrushes to food; I baked at Balthazar Bakery for a couple of years; I hold utility and design patents, won design awards and participated in a Cooper-Hewitt Museum symposium on Japanese food packaging. Blah, blah, blah. 

In 2006, I started a company, Mari's New York, baking and selling artisanal brownies. The brownies were sold in national and some international department stores, gourmet food and gift shops. They were featured in publications and blogs and we even won a few awards along the way. I shut my company down after five years when I had a V-8 moment: I've got a gajillion and a half ideas; all I want to do is make "pop up" foods; make food and/or gifts that don't have to exist in perpetuity. So here we are! 

I collects cookbooks, gadgets and ingredients as if I live in a 10,000 sf home. I live in a studio apartment in New York, NY with my husband and our cat, Beef.