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shrimp, cockle and sausage boil

Mr. Mari didn't grow up eating much in the way of seafood. His exposure was limited to fried fish sticks, shrimp cocktail and on rare occasions, he'd order Dover sole at fahncy restaurants. It wasn't until ten years ago when we went to Japan on a twelve-day trip with my parents that his appetite for seafood changed. Since they were hosting, Mr. Mari said he'd eat whatever was placed in front of him. If he didn't like it, he'd still eat it - but chase it down with lots of sake. There were some strange things, even things my dad didn't like, but Mr. Mari ate everything - raw, baked, boiled and fried. 

We eat seafood about 1-3 times a week now, mainly because it's a healthy source of lean protein. I thank my parents for taking us on the trip that pried Mr. Mari's palette open but I'm also thankful for selfish reasons. I love shellfish and if I could eat it every day - raw, baked, boiled or fried - I would. No sake chaser necessary.

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