hi there!

I’m Mari.
On Marivelous Me! you’ll find recipes, food gifts, food I’ve traveled for and food solutions. Poke around, maybe you’ll find inspiration for something you’re working on. Enjoy! 



To contact moi, please email mememe [at] marivelous [dot] me

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 5D Mark lll with a 50mm or 24-105mm lens. It's more camera than I need so hopefully I'll have it for a very long time. 

Can I use your photos on my site?
Sure! So as long as you give full credit and link back to this site, but please ask for permission first. 

What appliances do you use at home?
Stand mixer: Kitchen-Aid. I've had it for 20+ years and it still works amazingly well. Having the larger one would be nice though, especially for when making a three-layer cake. I purchased the meat grinder/sausage making attachments. They aren't used very often but I'm glad to have them in my arsenal. 

Hand mixer: Kitchen-Aid

Food chop: Cuisinart. Mine is probably even older than my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer and it too is still going strong. I use it for grating vegetables that don't need to be aesthetically pleasing (soups, purées). I also use it for pulsing pie dough and blending soup. 

Mini food chop: Cuisinart. It's used for chopping/blending small amounts of vegetables or herbs. The motor's not very strong - it always smells like it's burning. And just recently, the blade got put on backwards. Still trying to get that sucker off without slicing my fingers open.

Blender: Classic Waring. I'd love to own an immersion blender.

Knives: Most of my knives are Wüsthof.

Tools: I've got a drawer FULL of them. The one I'm using and loving a lot right now is my lime juicer.

Do you do this full-time?
I'm very fortunate to have a very understanding husband. It also helps that I make him tasty treats to eat. (Shhh - bribery works!)

Do you offer food tours?
Absolutely! It's one of the things I love to do. Whether you want to be sent off on your own or you'd like me to accompany you with a car and driver, email mememe[at]marivelous.me to discuss your options. Just be sure to wear comfy clothing! 

I have a food product I want to develop, can you help me?
The question's easy, the answer's a little trickier. Every state and country has different rules and regulations. For licensing information in the United States, contact your state's licensing division. If you'd like advise and/or a consultation, I offer phone or in-person coffee house meetings if you live in or around NYC. Please email mememe[at]marivelous.me to discuss.

Can I get a one-of-a-kind gift?
Email me at mememe[at]marivelous.me with a description of what you're interested in. Please be aware that like an elaborate wedding cake for 300 people, it takes a very long time to design, bake, assemble, decorate and personalize. 


I am more than happy and honored to receive submissions about your product or work. Marivelous Me! primarily covers food, gifts and travel. If I decide to post about your work, you will receive a response within 3 business days of receiving your email. If you do not hear back within one week, then I encourage you to submit your work to another blog whose readers and aesthetic may be more suited to your products or services.

Submissions can be sent to: mememe[at]marivelous.me. Please write "SUBMISSION" in the subject. Please include a few small (low-res) jpegs of the product with your email along with a brief description of your product/who you are. If I need larger images, I will contact you for them. {Please DO NOT send submissions via Twitter or Facebook}

I love to post things that are new and have yet to be seen elsewhere or on other blogs, so if you've recently been featured in another blog or submitted to another blog, please note that with your submission. Also submissions that are NOT mass emails typically get reviewed more quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer text links nor do I accept payment for posts. All posts are about things I love, think are cool and want to share with my readers.