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tomato pie

Last night, our friends Ana Maria & Rives came over for dinner. We inaugurated the grill Mr. Mari won (that's another story to be told later) with baby back ribs, sausage and corn. But before digging into those mesquite-smoked yummies, we had tomato pie. I guess it hit all the notes Ana Maria loves since I was told mid-mouthful that I needed to put this recipe up SOON.

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roasted figs + Gorgonzola + prosciutto

Hilary asked me to make an hors d'oeuvre for our dinner. Initially, I was torn between two: tomato bruschetta and roasted figs. When I asked her if she owned a toaster oven, and the answer was no, I thought the tomato bruschetta won. But she enthusiastically told me she loves figs so I had to make both - and bake the figs in the oven instead.

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