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British Invasion: Chocolates

Now that I'm in the full swing of holiday baking, it seems wholey appropriate to lavish upon you my keen interest in British chocolates. Growing up, most of the chocolates I was familiar with were just solid bars with maybe a few mix-ins like puffed rice or nuts. These British chocolates are textural!

To accompany the descriptions, here's the oh-so "sweet" song from Bow Wow Wow: I Want Candy. Just come back for the descriptions! Happy Friday, my sweets!

Take for instance Flake. It's just a ribbon of milk chocolate folded on top of itself. By just having that teensy window of air between some of its folds, it's indeed flaky and then melts into a soft warmth. I also love that the ends are twisted to look like it was hand-wrapped. (It's the attention to detail, people!)

Fry's Chocolate Cream is like a York Peppermint Patty, in bar form and the dark chocolate really snaps when you bite into it; you're not getting a (soft and squishy) sensation. The chocolate to cream filling ratio is higher, so the peppermint flavor tastes a little less sugary and, maybe this is wishful thinking but it tastes a little crème de menthe boozy. 

Munchies are individually portioned milk chocolate, biscuit and caramel bites. The fun part is the little bit of biscuit you get in each piece. It's not enough crunch to last the entire chew but your initial chomp hits this crispy air pocket, then the soft caramel replaces the crunch and then your mouth is awash in chocolate. Bliss.

I had a hard time finding an online link for Munchies but I purchased all of the chocolates from Carry On Tea & Sympathy, Tea & Sympathy's store next door.

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