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memorial day weekend at mom & dad's: breakfast day 3

Clockwise from top left: Miso soup with wakame, scallion, tofu, sweet potato and carrots; oatmeal okayu (Japanese risotto) with silky tofu; spinach goma-e (sesame dressing); scrambled egg with miso and scallion; soy, mirin and sesame oil cooked lotus root and shiso pickled garlic cloves.


memorial day weekend at mom & dad's: dinner day 2

From top to bottom: Corn on the grill, steaming inside their jackets; husks tied back so the kernels can char. The husks provide a handle for trimming the kernels off later; finished corn and tomato salad; yogurt marinated grilled chicken with grilled romaine lettuce; the strawberry chiffon cake - what remained.

Prior to heading out to Connecticut, mom and I talked about how TASTY the June 2012 cover image of Martha Stewart Living looked: A light and fluffy chiffon cake with layers of whipped cream and strawberries. Yum! She loves strawberry shortcake so I offered to make it over the weekend. Well, I ended up making the entire meal too! Mom didn't have a large enough tube pan so we split the batter into two separate pans. 


memorial day weekend at mom & dad's: lunch day 2

Soba with dipping sauce and grated mountain potato

Assorted nerimono (fish cake)


memorial day weekend at mom & dad's: breakfast day 2

Pressed sandwich with turkey, Swiss cheese, Japanese cucumbers, mayo. With tomatoes and apricots for support and color.


memorial day weekend at mom & dad's: dinner day 1

Suimono with wakame, bamboo shoots, kinome (Japanese pepper leaf or prickly ask leaf) and fu (fluffy, rehydrated wheat gluten balls)

Fluke usuzukuri (thinly sliced raw fish) with ponzu, scallion, grated daikon, garnished with dried pimento slivers

Bamboo shoots in a kinome/miso sauce, kamaboko (fish cake) with stewed kinome 

White miso marinated salmon with grilled bamboo shoot, cucumber and lotus root pickles


memorial day weekend at mom & dad's: breakfast day 1


Clockwise from top left: homemade miso soup with tofu and wakame, nori, soy sauce, brown rice with a shiso pickled garlic clove, poached egg over a green cabbage and spinach nest, umeboshi (pickled plum).


memorial day weekend at mom & dad's

My mom is one of the most amazing cooks I know. She studied cooking in Japan, won a bunch of competitions, moved to America, taught in the tri-state area, catered, and owned a restaurant. She cares so much - not only about how it tastes, but how it looks; different textures - plated and while eating. Here's my weekend, in pictures. 


egg, quinoa and scallion stir-fry

Day 4 Breakfast: Sorry, again no photos.

Today we're going home to my parent's house for a long Memorial Day weekend. What does that mean? Tasty mom cooking and there's not a whole lot left to eat in my fridge. I made a stir-fry of quinoa, eggs and scallion with a little dousing of soy sauce. I should have added a lot more oil to the pan so the quinoa could toast up instead of gluing to the pan. Live and learn. 

Happy holiday weekend, y'all!